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Relationships are at the core of all customer interactions, but it’s impossible to have a productive one if the communication is one-sided.  Brooke Goodbary of Roku has a few suggestions on how to re-activate or change your customer contacts.

Being a customer success manager means that you’re willing to face new challenges and embrace the change on a daily basis. Artem Gurnov of Wrike interviews Matt Williams, one of their CSM managers on how he developed from a CSM to a manager and his learning along the way.

This meeting could have been an email or a Slack.  How often do you think that?  Chris Hicken of 'nuffsaid decided to be proactive and established guidelines so his team uses meetings thoughtfully and sparingly.

We don't all have time to read up on every topic, plus how better to learn than to listen?  Patrick Icasas of Catalyst has pulled together some of the best CS podcasts out there for us to put on the next time we are on a walk, drive, or doing something around the house.

In Other News:  There is a deli in New Jersey doing $35k in sales with a $100 million market cap?