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Is our health score actually a good indication of churn?  Bora Lee of ChurnZero has been posed this question quite a bit, and provides some actionable steps to analyze and tune your score to make sure it's not leading to missed opportunities / challenges.
2020 was a year where many people’s habits, routines, hobbies, and lifestyles went through dramatic changes, and these effects are continuing through 2021.  Kelly McGillis of Riipen (via Catalyst), uses her educational background to help give advice on how to handle when customer conversations get personal.
Aazar Ali Shad of UserPilot has compiled an in-depth compilation of examples and best practices from 8 SaaS companies with the best SaaS onboarding software and tools.

Sometimes a simple template is all you need to improve a process.  Check out Hugo's customer hand-off template to help understand your clients better, accomplish objectives faster, and earn trust quicker. 

In Other News:  Costa Rica has run on renewable energy for the last 299 days