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Podcasts are a great way to learn about the CS industry, who the major players are, and what they’re doing.  Patrick Icasas of Catalyst has taken it upon himself to assemble fourteen of the best Customer Success podcasts online and share them here with you, so you can pick which one (or more) you’ll add to your playlist.

Chris Hicken of Nuffsaid interviews Jeb Dasteel, one of the original CCOs, on the shifts he's seen for the Chief Customer Officer role.
Brett Matthews of Salesforce looks back on the last 10 years of his Customer Success career with 10 lessons around alignment, collaboration, wellness, and more.

Customer Success has been catapulted from the status of churn buster to a double agent growth harvester.  Sue Nabeth Moore of Success Chains uses a plant metaphor on how to ensure CS-sustained growth.
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