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To be a true strategic partner as a customer success professional, it is vital to master the ability to communicate and guide your client to valuable outcomes.  Here’s how Ashley Gillespie of The Success League became highly skilled in talking to clients about their goals.

Well besties sounds great, but is it realistic?  Patrick Icasas of Catalyst assures us that CS and product can become tight knit.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Maria Jose Villanueva of Ultimate Kronos Group (via The CS Whisperer) covers the important pieces in making your high touch customers success strategy impactful.

Compensation reviews can be a touchy subject for all.  Eugene Lee of OMERS Ventures recaps how their talent director has advised dozens of startups to handle the schedule and benchmarking of reviews to create a fair process.

In Other News:  Robinhood's big gamble.