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As things open back up, hiring will ramp up as well.  If you want to build the team of your dreams, here are 30 potential questions from Molly Murphy of Zendesk to ask your candidates.
The out-of-nowhere churn might be the hardest to stomach.  Scott Salkin of Gainsight quickly recaps and links to a webinar from industry experts on avoiding the "green" churn.
In the last of this three part series (part 1 and part 2), Marley Wagner of ESG focuses on optimizing your department for long term success, including a team roadmap, proactive planning, and funding.
While in-app journeys are mostly owned by product, CS should play a strong role in informing and optimizing those journey stages.  So what are user journey analytics, how can you track them, and how can you use them to drive in-app growth opportunities?  Check out Userpilot's overview to find out.

In Other News:  Uber and the "Champions League" of tax avoidance