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The 8 Elements of Customer Success Management
What are the core components of CS management?  Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures goes over his 8 pillars of a successful program

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3 Customer Success Strategies It’s Time to Retire
ClientSuccess wants to make sure we aren't trying to hold on to these three outdates behaviors for our department.

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Ebook: 10 Support Leaders Weigh In On How To Be Heard [download required]
We won't typically post gated CS content, buuuuut since I contributed to Prodsight's new ebook on how Support can get the influence it deserves, the rules just got bent.

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Should SaaS Businesses use alternatives to customer success platforms?
If you're tempted to forgo a CS platform, Swagata Kumar of CustomerSuccessBox wants to dissuade you of the notion that you can easily swap it out with other systems.

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In Other News:  ProPublica plans on publishing the tax info of the top %0.001