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How many Customer Success Managers (CSMs) do you need?  Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures doesn't want us to guess, so he provides a tool - and the logic - to do Capacity Planning for your Customer Success organization.

Last week we looked at Marley Wagner of ESG's first article in their three part CS Maturity Model series.  This week the second category Operationalize - focusing on constructing your CS System.

Phone support is the most costly, and often least satisfactory support channel. 
Meredith Metsker of Stonly
suggest we Implement one or more of these 7 call deflection strategies to help our support agents do their best work.

If you're considering purchasing your first customer success tool, check out these questions from Shoeb Ahmed of SmartKarrot to help you start creating a way to evaluate different vendors.

In Other News:  LSD, cargo shorts, and getting fired from your $2 billion startup