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Tech touch, one-to-many, self service, non-CSM and others are all terms for a similar challenge that is growing more common these days.  How do you deliver success to your customers when you can't afford to assign every account a person?  Denson Jade G. Natividad of CSM Practice recaps an in-depth interview with how the team at Glint handles this challenge.

Have you lost an account because the contacts you interact with changed and you were left blindsided? Only to find out (too late) the client's Executive Sponsor Executive Sponsor had a different long term strategic direction to fulfill their business objectives?  Jeff Breunsbach of Higher Logic feels your pain and wants to help.

Customer Onboarding is a widely discussed, yet often misunderstood, phase of the customer lifecycle. Change that last part with this article from Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures.

Clint Fontanella of Hubspot shares a downloadable template to help you start to analyze your customer churn.

In Other News:  Would you look for a new job if you had to return to the office full time?