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Kristin Hillery of OpenView wants to know, what's your biggest weakness?  For many folks in leadership positions, the answer might be... asking job candidates good questions.

Eugene Lee of OMERS was chatting with a coworker and the question came up as to whether the role of ‘Customer Success’ was just a tech thing, or whether it extends to other industries.  He gives his answer and why he's bullish on CS as the next big SaaS vertical.

Most companies still think about marketing in terms of a funnel- a bunch of leads go in the top, and a few customers come out the bottom. But leading SaaS companies have starting thinking about Marketing as less of funnel and more of a flywheel.  For Brooke Goodbary, this means putting customers at the center of your strategy.

Many of us are still working remotely at the moment. Check out Kristen Hayer of The Success League's tips on how to maximize your at-home setup, helping to be your best work self this year.

In Other News:  Would you spend millions on digital art (and what the heck is an NFT)?