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It's too often that "Customer Marketing" refers to mining your current customers for content used to acquire new prospects.  Customer Marketing really should be a function that helps drive current customer education and engagement.  Angela Guedes of Typeform (via 'Nuffsaid) shares tactical advice on how to structure, measure, and support a Customer Marketing team that focuses on customers instead of prospects.

Tired of the same ol’ “X proven ways to reduce customer churn”? Conversion copy expert Gillian Singletary of Large Potatoes (via ChartMogul) suggests a new framework to align copy across all your platforms and use it to instill customer loyalty.

Jason Lempkin of SaaStr thinks that answer to that question is "yes", and gives examples of successful SaaS metrics to highlight how the importance may shift as companies scale.

While international travel this summer is almost entirely on hold, you can still grab some new inspiration from Kat Boogaard of Atlassian's examples of teamwork from around the globe.

In Other News:  An opinion free guide on how someone could reduce their taxes like the President