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Customer success programs are a red hot topic - and not just for SaaS vendors. But what Coupa is doing with community intelligence pushes the conversation forward.  Jon Reed of Diginomica explains how they've channeled their learnings from the platform back to customers as a big value add.
Sometimes we are too busy to reflect on how our roles in CS have given us a growing list of skills.  Ashley Hall of Stackla (via The Success League) channels Dr. Seuss to contemplate all the unexpected skills she's been able to hone over her career in CS.
In the subscription world securing customer renewals is our bread and butter. 80% of customer lifetime value comes through renewals.  Haresh Gangwani of Bolstra wants to make sure we don't start thinking of a renewal a month or less out, but actually lay the groundwork from day 1 (and even before).

If you're a new leader at a small company, regardless of department, Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures has a clear goal he believes should be one of your primary purposes.

In Other News:   The irony of a fraud protection company getting busted for fraud.