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It's more than likely the most difficult churn issue you come across is a lack of or incomplete relationship.  You have the wrong champion, no access to the buyer, or not enough power users.  Chris Hicken of 'Nuffsaid goes over a relationship framework to help improve your champion coverage strategy.

Tech-touch customer success doesn't need to just be for companies who's customers have a low ACV.  Mia Jacobs of Totango sees tech-touch solutions as a win-win for both businesses and customers. They allow for more efficient CS teams and scalable business.

Alex Clayton of Meritech Capital takes us through why dollar retention is critical to the health of a SaaS company, and the kind of benchmarks you see with public companies.
Dave Kellogg takes us deep into the metrics with what he calls "he single most misunderstood software-as-a-service (SaaS) metric I’ve encountered", CAC Payback Period (CPP).

In Other News:  Snowflake crushed the IPO game.