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As a Customer Success professional, you’ve probably felt the brunt of a poor Sales-CS handoff. Here's a framework I (via Vitally) created can use to get your Sales-CS teams on the same page so your customers (and your team) can focus on what matters most — success.

Want to make sure your customers are happy? Start tracking time to value! Here's everything Becky Turner from Proposify thinks we need to know to figure out exactly when your clients start seeing value.

Megan Macaluso of ESG is seeing more Partner Success programs come into the spotlight as companies start to realize their partners impact retention significantly.

Nick Mehta of Gainsight sees 2020 as a pivotal year for Customer Success as new sales decline.  He shares what he's learned about this trend from executives at public companies.
In Other News:  Tony Hsieh is stepping down after 21 years at Zappos.  Talk about a great run.