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The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.
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Something a bit different this week.  I wanted to get a quick pulse on the Customer Success function and have a short survey I'd love for you to fill out.  I'll be sharing the results in a few weeks and will hopefully have some interesting insights for everyone.  A couple notes:
  • This survey won't be used as lead capture,  content marketing, or creating any paid resources
  • It asks for email so we can send folks results, but data will be anonymized
  • The primary goal is learning and knowledge share!
  • Results will be available to anyone when complete
Feel free to share the survey out if you like and I hope you'll participate!

Take the survey here

Now back to your regular programming:
Casey Winters of Eventbrite and Lenny Rachitsky wanted to understand what good long term retention looked like in SaaS.  To figure it out, they decided to dive into a holistic study across business models, customer types, and more. 

We talk a lot about putting customers first, but we need to realize that many of us are also customers.  Kelly Sharp of Kapta shares some ways to be a great client to the products you use to do your job.

Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures wants to make sure we don't drop the baton between Sales and Success.  To help, he's written out step by step examples of how a well designed handoff process can be put into practice.

There's always money in the banana stand because there's always money in value metrics.  Grace Gagnon of ProfitWell explains just what a value metric is and how it helps high performing companies reduce churn.

In Other News:  Is remote work really that great for the employee?