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Every business tracks different metrics to determine which marketing efforts are most effective.  Anna Crowe of ProfitWell covers how specific content can slow your churn.

The average person receives 96 emails per day!  And if you are like Kevin Fu of Vitally, you probably send a lot of emails to engage your customers. But you've heard people hate getting emails. What's a CSM to do? Here are 3 ways you can send emails your customers will love.

The past few months have been ripe with changes, and not just for CSMs. Virtually every single industry and role has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  ClientSuccess has advice to help CSMs ensure they are cutting though the noise to partner with their customers.

Do you feel like you and your customers are still in a state of shock?  Guy Galon of CSM Practice wants to help us get to a steady state of CS operation and adjust to the new normal.

In Other News:  John Oliver shares his opinion on why police reform is a necessary step in our current climate.