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If the Success team is handling more customers that aren't a good fit and are unlikely to renew, there's a good chance the Sales team is closing "bad" deals. Chris Hicken of Nuffsaid can help tell us how to fix the problem. 

Irit Eizips of CSM Practice ran an industry survey over three weeks to take the temperature of topics such as hiring, returning to the office, and job security.

You've got to start from somewhere, so Jesús Vivas of Froged has given us the building blocks to start our CS department.

For some of us, a chance to kick things into high gear and make the career changes we've been thinking about fires us up. For others, it fills us with dread.  Megan Nobrega of CS in Focus wants to help answer question such as; am I delivering my best work? Am I on the right career path at the right company?

In Other News:  How one pizzeria owner made money by buying his own pizzas through DoorDash