The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.
This week we adjust to new work realities, swashbuckle our way through important metrics, develop a mantra, and make sure our customer's experience is top notch.
Rick Raven of Studio Designer is, like so many other companies, implementing safety measures that are requiring remote work.  Many managers are dealing with remote management for the first time. Whether this is your team’s first experience remote, or something you do all the time, these five things can make your time apart more successful.

Archana Madhavan of Amplitude dives deep into the components of the "Pirate" metrics (AARRR), along with ways to leverage them to drive success to your business.

Aoife Sheridan of Hubspot (via The Success League) wants us to repeat after her with a Customer Success mantra designed to provide a north star for our teams.

Most organizations aren’t sure how to get from where they are to a personalized, easy CX program.  Delighted uses surveys as a tool to gather the needed insight on how to design your program.

In Other News:  Listen to the advice Italians are giving their past selves regarding quarantine and how serious to take these times.