The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.
This week we go ultimate on onboarding, get our conference agenda, flip NPS on it's head, and measure how much effort our customers go through.
Christina Perricone of Hubspot knows we love ultimate guides, and she's brought us the big book on Customer Onboarding and why it is so important.
The business conference is a great way to take a step back and learn about how other companies are trying to solve similar problems as yours.  Teresa Becker of ClientSuccess has 5 we should try to attend in 2020 (though we missed #2)

Most companies go through the motions of NPS, but Lincoln Murphy (via Gainsight), has some controversial ideas on how we should change our approach.

Customer Effort Score or CES is a common metrics used to measure customer satisfaction through customer surveys.  Qualitrics educates us on the basics and gives us some ideas on how to start measuring.

In Other News:  Apparently a trial by combat hasn't been explicitly outlawed in the US