The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.
This week we try to understand what "Growth" is, deal with our red accounts, try to stop losing customers, and see how self-service is growing.
Ok, the term “Growth” has been slapped onto everything. Growth marketing, growth hacking, growth engineering, growth product, blah blah blah. Brian Balfour of Reforge helps navigate what exactly "Growth" is and why it's the newest focus for many companies.

You always have those customers who lag behind.  Andreas Knoefel of The Success League has 3 strategies for how to deal with your red accounts.

I cover some of the basic components we utilize at Copper to form our retention strategy.

More and more companies are identifying self-service as a growing part of their acquisition strategy.  MindTouch shows us the new trends in customer self-service, including emerging technology, consumer behaviors, and self-service statistics.

In Other News:  Though we get a ton of cardboard and plastic from them, Amazon has pledged to be carbon neutral in 20 years