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This week we look at portfolio size, clear the air between Product and CS, try not to make mistakes, and decide who owns expansion.
How much can a customer success manager manage?  Tom Tunguz of Redpoint has heard the wisdom of $1-2M in ARR per year and around 80 accounts, but hadn't come across any data until now!

There can often be a lot of criticism on Product from CS, but we may have some unfair perceptions of them.  Joe Daniels of Receptive (via ChurnZero) clears some of the air on the relationship between the two.

Brooke Goodbary via Natero brings us four of the most common mistakes that Customer Success Managers make (and how to fix them).

It's an age-old question that has no right answer, but Phil O'Doherty of Keep | Grow gives us some parameters to think through before deciding who owns upsells.

In Other News:   It's hard to look away from what was the burning wreck of the infamous Fyre Festival.
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