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This week we go low touch, ask questions in onboarding, ensure we are getting the right customer info, and talk about CABs (?)
Not all CS teams are able to cover their customers with a one on one relationship via a CSM.  Phil O'Doherty of Keep | Grow has a playbook for scalable, low-touch CS that many teams need to employ when they have a lower average LTV.
Onboarding is arguably the most impactful part of a customers journey.  A poor onboarding experience is tough to recover from, but a successful implementation can tee up retention and growth.  If you're not quite sure where to start, Cori Pearce of ChurnZero has five questions to ask your customers first in the on-boarding process.

Allison Pickens of Gainsight focuses on a process for ensuring that the sales team relays the information they gather from the customer to your post-sales teams.

What is a customer advisory board (CAB), why do I need one, and what are some of the considerations when standing up a CAB?  Annette Franz of CX Journey dives in to answer these questions.

In Other News:   If you're the CEO of WeWork, you're paid for both your job and as a landlord (sweet deal).
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