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This week we retain ourselves, make a case for NPS, align Sales and CS, and check our retention strategies.
Customer retention is not the only type of retention that is critical to your business.  Kristen Hayer of The Success League has been running a study on customer success managers, and while still early in the analysis, a striking trend has emerged: The average tenure of a CSM is only 1.65 years!  So what can you do to beat the average?

Some like it, some don't, but there is no doubt that NPS is a component of many CS departments.  To understand why NPS has become the standard for measuring customer sentiment and loyalty, Elisha Zhang of Wootric (via Natero) gives us a closer look.

Jennifer Yorke of Bazaarvoice (via Gainsight) has seen the shift from traditional sales to SaaS sales and how critical the Sales > CS alignment is for that shift.
Kelechi Okeke of CXService360 believes customers are the most important part of any business. Without them, there would be no business!  Here are 12 strategies you'll want to make sure you've considered when it comes to retention.

In Other News:  Everyone wants to win the lottery, but what if you won 14 (and had a strategy)?
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