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This week we project manage, see how big companies measure churn, delight our customers, and avoid bill shock.
Dave Duke of MetaCX has been thinking a lot about the unique dynamics of the Customer Success Manager role lately, and believes he has some realizations about CSMs and project management.

Churn may be measured in many different ways depending on which company you talk to.  But how does a public company measure it?  Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint reviews how ServiceNow evaluates churn with two metrics.
A delighted customer is the motivation that fuels many folks in CS.  Lesley Poladsky of Kapta talks of the core requirement for CS: delivering on outcomes.

Bill shock is used to describe the reaction a customer can experience if their bill unexpectedly rises.  This is often something that CSMs deal with come renewal time.  James Harding of RightMarket is here to help alleviate some of those situations.

In Other News:  What was it actually like to be a pirate?
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