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This week we narrow down churn to two main reasons, plan day 0-90 when starting CS, view CS in comic form, and compare SaaS pricing.
Of all the reasons for churn out there, David Skok of Matrix Partners has pinned down what he feels are the two most common.

If you're starting CS from scratch, where do you begin?  Nilesh Surana of CustomerSuccessBox (via Hackernoon) gives us a 90 day plan to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

CSMs often see themselves as the superheroes of the SaaS world.  Elakkiya Sivakumaran of Amity helps us relate to other CSMs through the comic book medium.

Though not strictly a CS topic, SaaS pricing has just as much impact on retention and expansion as it does on acquisition.  Kyle Poyar of OpenView Partners (via Reforge), shares pricing data from 1,800 companies to see how we stack up.

In Other News:  It's Mary Meeker time!  Find out what happened on the internet in 2017 (people are spending more time on it, shocker)
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