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This week we predict what will come for CS, hack our minds, understand engaged users, and find out where to listen and learn.
Elakkiya Sivakumaran of Amity caught up with James Scott of SuccessHacker to get his take on key CS tips (ex. defining and measuring your customers' outcomes) and where he sees the industry going (ex. CS ops and marketing as key positions).

In customer success, we talk frequently about tips for onboarding customers and ideas for preventing churn, but as the field matures, Patrick Woods of Figure Eight thinks it’s important to begin unpacking the underlying drivers of longterm success.

User adoption is one of the key CS metrics that powers overall retention, especially for B2C products.  Ji Lin and Andrew Chen of Andreessen Horowitz introduces the concept of the Power User Curve as an upgrade to the classic DAU/MAU measurement.

Want to learn more about CS on the go?  Sandra Pender of Akita gives us the top CS podcasts to listen to while we are jetting around in our busy lives.

In Other News:  Has Google renamed your neighborhood without asking?
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