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This week we disrupt compensation, segment customers by maturity, get into unit economics, and do a Q&A with Freshworks.
Should individual contributors in CS have a variable component to their compensation?  Tom Lipscomb of Confoe (via Strikedeck) gives his opinions on comp structure and how it can incentivize the outcomes you need.
The right organizational structure for your customer success organization depends often on the type and stage of your company.  Dominique Levin of Winning by Design has 5 company phases and the suggested CS structure for each.

How much is a customer worth? How much does it cost to acquire a customer? If you can’t answer these basic questions, it’s hard to know if your business is sustainable or not.  Erik Byrenius of StartupDocs gets deep into the math of unit economics.
Sandra Pender of Akita sat down with Vipin Thomas of Freshworks for a quick Q&A session around customer journey, churn signals, and more.

In Other News:  Do you feel addicted to your phone?
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