The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 Customer Success articles intended to help improve your CS skills and understanding.
Mae Rice of BuiltIn thinks that if we really value our customers, we wouldn't shunt them through a sales funnel.  Here comes the era of customer led growth!

What’s ahead for 2021? SuccessHacker asked the top Customer Success thought leaders to weigh in and give us their predictions for what we could expect to see in Customer Success in this new world.

LTV (Lifetime Value) is an important metric for decision-making in a company. But measuring LTV is a bit tricky and you can easily make mistakes when calculating it.  Oleg Yakubenkov of GoPractice has seen too many errors and wants to help us avoid our own.
If your company is early stage, Customer Success' biggest priority is to facilitate the customer feedback loop and help find product market fit.  Omar Nasser has a guide to operationalize this process to ensure you are building a useful tool.

In Other News:  How a subreddit is gaming Gamestop stock