The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 Customer Success articles intended to help improve your CS skills and understanding.
With 70.1% of total revenue coming from sales to existing customers, delivering value is the competitive advantage to strive for.  Margot Howard of Kapta talks through how tracking goals and outcomes is critical to consistently exceed your customer’s expectations.

Saphiya Hindeyeh of Gainsight wants us to charge into 2021 head on, and has compiled a super list of top articles and guides from 2020.
While pricing is often more of a sales exercise, CS teams that own or contribute to revenue (which is really all of them!) should have a strong opinion on pricing and how it relates to expansion.  Kyle Poyar of Openview Partners presents an inclusive guide featuring the best resources available to help you determine your ideal SaaS pricing model.

Userpilot has everything you want to know and more about NPS, from benchmarks, to tactics to improve yours.

In Other News:  If it will matter after today, don't talk about it in Slack or Teams.