The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 Customer Success articles intended to help improve your CS skills and understanding.
If you have aspirations to become, or already are a Head of CS, can you answer these 9 questions from Jason Lemkin of SaaStr?
Budget for tools isn't something all CS depts are fortunate to have, so Melissa Rosen of Groove shares their tool stack they use daily to manage customer outcomes.

Intent data — behavioral information collected about an individual's online activities — may not be the holy grail, but it can certainly add some spice to the season.  Lora Kratchounova of Forbes has 5 ways it can help drive growth, including reducing churn and increasing upsells.

Do you make it easy for customers to get help, send feedback, and learn more about your company and product?  Simran Mohanty of SmartKarrot introduces the customer portal and why is it so crucially benefitting to your company, read on.

In Other News:  Uber spent $100m on fraudulent ad campaigns.