The Customer Success Newsletter
The Customer Success Newsletter is a weekly curated collection of 4 Customer Success articles intended to help improve your CS skills and understanding.
Being a player coach is one of the toughest assignments at any company, but does it even work?  If you are responsible for the management of a team of Customer Success Managers, can you hold on to, and maintain, your own portfolio of customers?  Aoife Sheridan of The Success League helps us answer this tough question.

Emily Nesterick of ChurnZero gives us a greatest hits compilation of their top content, milestones, and happenings from 2020.

Jonas Rieke of Personio provide his thoughts and insights on Dos and Don’ts when scaling Customer Success for a complex B2B SaaS product.

New year, new me, right? While this mantra may be on most of our minds this year (especially after the complete doozy of 2020), ClientSuccess knows some may be having other thoughts, an provides some tips to making sure your resolutions stick.

In Other News:  Imagine a lost password being the only thing between you and millions