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Why do customers churn?  If you answer this questions only based on what your customers tell you, you'll never be able to prevent future churn. This guide from Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures will help you avoid common churn analysis mistakes.

Maybe you're on an existing support team, starting one from scratch, or realizing you need to revamp.  Whichever situation, Mathew Patterson of HelpScout has 7 building blocks to build or restructure around to ensure you have a firm foundation.

Ian Robson of Success Methods asked himself the question "what keeps us from effective relationships with the key stakeholders at our customers?".  To find out he polled the CS community and shares his startling findings.
Keeping your existing users is much more cost effective that finding and converting new leads, but the average business list loses 25% of its subscribers every year.  Alexa Lemzy (via Predictable Revenue) Shares some automation strategies to help reactivate lapsed customers.

In Other News:   Coinbase's CEO take a strong stance in separating company mission from social and political issues.