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It sounds like the best thing ever, but Ruslana Dalinina of Oracle cautions us that there are a lot of challenges in creating a model that accurately predicts which customers will churn.

CustomerSuccessBox interviewed Ari Hoffman of Coveo to understand his strategy in a downturn, such as segmenting customers by how their business has been impacted by the pandemic.

Are you a support leader looking for ways to improve your CSAT and improve your team’s productivity this quarter?
David Rostan of Stonly
thinks you might want to take a look at your escalation process.

With hundreds of software solutions available, how do you choose? Jamie Davidson of Vitally lists 11 tools he likes to get your Customer Success Tech Stack where it needs to be

In Other News:  Need to cancel your gym membership, get a flight refund, or wrangle some other charge?  Hire a robot lawyer.